Scattr gamifies mobile marketing with a game of virtual pass the parcel.

Give your new & potential customers the chance to win prizes, offers or discounts from a parcel that is wrapped up in your promotional material. If they win, great! They get a voucher in the app which can be redeemed in store. If they lose? They can pass the chance to win on to to their friends who they think would love to win your prize - scattr'ing your promotional material along the way to the right audience.

Scattr - Pass the Parcel
Launch your parcels

containing a chance to win a prize wrapped up in your 10 second ad straight to their phone.

Connect & Engage

through your promotional material with new and existing customers wherever they may be.

Send offers & discounts

as an extra incentive to get them through your door on your quiet days.




Take Full Control

Use our dedicated web app to set up your campaigns, create your ads, budget your spend and more importantly track your opens & passes. 

Did you know?

Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons!

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