Engage with local businesses

Play pass the parcel

Who doesn't like free things? Receive parcels from the businesses you follow and just watch their 10 second video to see if you've won.

Send gift cards

Last minute gifters - we've got you covered! Buy gift cards & instantly send them to your friends. 


Receive offers

Save some money. When you don't win the main gift from a business you could  grab a discount or offer instead!


Get social

The more the merrier! If you want to play pass the parcel, you need to have friends... and more friends means more chances to win!  


Some of our current partners


Download the app! 

"Fabulous app.. I have won 3 prizes already! Thank you Scattr. I had a few queries when I first started using the app and I had very quick responses from the lovely Megan who sorted everything for me, thanks Megan! Would highly recommend" 

"We love sending our followers parcels with gifts and offers inside. It's a fun way to reward loyal customers, and to excite and bring us new ones, too!" 


Let's get more parcels being passed around.