WIN vouchers, tokens & offers in a game of pass the parcel with your favourite local stops. 

Remember pass the parcel? It's gone digital, and it's never been easier. Just follow whichever business you'd like to receive a parcel from so they know where to deliver it to (don't worry -  we're talking about your phone, not your address). 

Just one thing... who's ever played pass the parcel on their own?  Add your friends so you can have extra chances to win. 



Buy and Send

We can't be the only ones guilty of forgetting about someone's birthday until the very last minute. So now you can send digital gift cards from local retailers customised with a personalised message directly to your friend! 

Whether you're friends on Scattr or not, it's no probs! You can send it to their email address instantly or choose to select a specific date for a special occasion (so there's no excuses!) 

Plus.. there's no extra fees!



If you're lucky enough to receive one, it's best we let you know how you use it!

Whether it's a gift token from a business or a gift card from a friend, you can find it all in your wallet tab. To redeem it in store, simply tap the item to present a QR code which the business can scan, or allow them to tap a code into your mobile device. Easy.


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Learn more about buying, sending and winning gift cards and tokens.