Meet The Team



Megan Canavan, CEO. 
BSc Mathematics, MSc Marketing. Queen's University. 


In between taking her pet beagle, Bagel into work (if you follow us on Facebook you’ll know what we mean) and being our designated driver when we’re out & about (even though she's terrified of hill starts), Megan is actually our CEO - the one who decided that pass the parcel should be on a phone and not just at children's parties.

Favourite childhood game?  Well I can't say Pass the Parcel... and I don't mean to brag but I am the undefeated champion of Snap, so I have to go with that! Challenge me to a game, anyone, I dare you. 



Liam Strawbridge, Developer. 
BSc Computer Games Development. Ulster University. 


Liam is our developer by day & dancing king by night. His favourite place in the world is his bed, which would explain why he only functions with an IV drip of caffeine. We know he’s good at the software, but it turns out he’s pretty good at sales too - he once managed to sell a virtual hat online for £1000. New career calling perhaps?

Best theme for a party? A pyjama party. Because I can go to bed. 





Eimear Gillen, Marketing. 
BA (Hons) Business with Marketing Management. Northumbria University. 


Supposedly starts every day off with a coffee & drinks lattes by the gallon (although we’ve never seen her with one in her hand, ever) Eimear looks after the marketing side of things here at Scattr. Since she started she hasn't been able to keep an umbrella longer than a week... we think it's about time she invested in a coat with a hood. 

Surprised or planned gifts? That's an easy one - who doesn't love surprises?