How do I sign up my business?

If you visit our merchants website over at www.mercants.scattr.io this is where all the magic happens! You can register your business here! This is also where you can create & manage your campaigns.

How much does Scattr cost?

At Scattr we have a pricing tier that suits everyone. Click here to view our various options.

How do I send out parcels?

Glad you asked! By visiting www.merchants.scattr.io you can set up your campaigns & schedule them to go out whenever suits. If you need a hand setting up campaigns you can download our welcome pack here or just give one of the team a message - we'd be more than happy to help! Remember you can put whatever t’s & c’s on the prize that you like - such as only redeemable Mon-Wed, not to be used with any other offer etc.

Do I make the ads?

Yes - but if you don’t have one currently, don’t worry! Over on our merchants site we have our very own ad creator with customisable templates to create your 10 second ad. The options are there to include your contact details, location, logo, additional text & images.

How does a winner redeem their prize?

Easy! We have two options; upon registering your business you can set up a redemption code that only you and your team members know. When a winner comes in to your store to collect their prize or use their offer/discount you simply tap this code into their phone to mark the prize as redeemed. Or you can scan a QR code which is displayed on the winner’s phone.

How is the winner decided?

The winner is 100% - completely - undoubtedly random!

Is there a minimum value or prize amount?

Not at all! You could have 5 giveaways at £5 each, or a one off giveaway at £150 as long as you think it’s a good enough prize to get users interested to watch your ads - that’s the important part!

How do I increase my following on my Scattr business page?

Upon signing up, the team will send you over imagery with your branding & ours to post across your social channels - or alternatively we have popped in our logo here if you would like to create some for yourself! If you include the download link - http://onelink.to/g339xp - this will directly send your audience to their respective app store. We strongly recommend letting your following know about your upcoming parcels - the more people you can get to watch your ads, the better!

Can I track my open & passes after the campaign has gone out?

Definitely! When a campaign is live you can get real time statistics of how many open, passes, & number of Feel Good Freebies claimed within the app or over on www.merchants.scattr.io