Q. How do I reset my password?

Click here if you need to reset your password.

Q. Is Scattr free to download?


Pass the Parcel

Q. Where do you deliver the parcels to?

Parcels are delivered straight to your phone - not your home address!

Q. How do I receive parcels?

There’s a number of ways to receive parcels. Friends can send you them, businesses can send parcels directly when you follow them, or if you’re in the area with your location turned on you will instantly be one of the first to receive it.

Q. I’ve won a gift, how do I redeem it?

Each business will specify claim information which is displayed when you open the gift from your Scattr wallet (E.g. Ring to reserve a table, email to receive your tickets, drop in etc). When in store,  display your winning gift token to a staff member and they will either scan the QR code on your phone, or tap in a unique redemption code known by staff.

Q. I’ve received a Feel Good Freebie, how do I redeem it?

Similar to how you redeem a gift. Each business will specify claim information which is displayed when you open the Feel Good Freebie from your Scattr wallet (E.g. Available Monday - Thursday, offer only to be used on pre-theatre menu etc). When in store, simply display your Feel Good Freebie token to a staff member and they will either scan the QR code on your phone, or tap in a unique redemption code.

Q. How long do I have to use a gift or Feel Good Freebie?

Each gift or Feel Good Freebie will have an expiration date set by the merchant. These can be found when you open your token from your Scattr wallet.

Q. What do I do if my gift/Feel Good Freebie has expired?

If the item has expired then unfortunately this means you can no longer use it.

Q. Do I need to have internet access to use my gift or Feel Good Freebie?

Yes. Internet access will be needed to redeem both gifts and Feel Good Freebies.

Q. Can I pass my gift or Feel Good Freebie?

Yes! If you don’t think you’ll be able to use it, or know a friend who would love it, you can pass your gift or Feel Good Freebies just like passing parcels.

Q. How do I add friends?

To add friends you can either search for their username, scan their QR code, or share your profile across various social channels. You will also find suggested friends when you hook in our Facebook account. To do this go to Wallet > Account Settings > Connect Facebook account.  

Q. Can I remove friends?

Of course. If you select the user from your friends tab you can remove them as a friend or even block them.  

Q. How do you choose the winner?

When sending out a parcel, the merchant will select winning odds which determines the likelihood of winning. Based on those odds, winners will be chosen at random. Neither the merchant nor Scattr members have a say in who wins the gifts.

Q. What’s the camera for?

As well as passing parcels, you can pass images via the camera. Someone sent you a parcel and you won? Send them back your best winning face!

Q. Why do you want my location?

We’re not being nosey - don’t worry! Parcels can be sent based on location, so if you want to be sent parcels from businesses around you just make sure to turn it on from your settings. No one likes a missed delivery!

Q. What is the 'lucky dip' I'm seeing in my parcels?

When you open a parcel, first our system checks to see if you have won the main prize, and then the Feel Good Freebie (if available). If you haven't won either of these, we'll check to see if you've won a go at the lucky dip! In the lucky dip, you'll either win another go at opening the parcel (this will be automatically added to your inbox), an exclusive entry into our monthly draw, or some lucky ducks! You'll be able to track how many monthly draw entries & lucky ducks you have from your wallet.

Q. What are lucky ducks & what can I do with them?

Lucky ducks are awarded when you complete certain actions using Scattr, such as adding friends, following new businesses or redeeming Feel Good Freebies. You can also win lucky ducks from a lucky dip. You can get spending these ducks as soon as you collect at least 250 of them. If there's a prize you'd really like to win, you can spend 250 ducks to better your odds of winning by 25%! Just tap the 'spend 250 ducks' button after you've watched the video.

Buying & Sending Gift Cards

Q. What is the minimum and maximum value I can attach to a gift cards?

Currently you can send gift cards with a value of £5 up to £250

Q. Is there a charge for sending gift cards? 

Not at all - you can buy and send your gift cards at no additional cost to the value you're wanting to send. 

Q. I’ve sent a gift card to an incorrect email address, what do I do?

Oh no! If you’ve sent the gift card to an incorrect email address, get in touch with us at support@scattr.io and we will happily try to resend the gift card to the correct email address. If the gift card has been claimed (and is within a users Scattr wallet) then we will be unable to resend the gift card.
If there is an instance where a gift card has been mistakenly sent to a friend directly on Scattr we cannot take the gift card off this person.

Q. I’ve submitted an incorrect value when purchasing a gift card, what do I do?

If you’ve added an incorrect value to a gift card, contact the merchant who you have purchased the gift card for and they will assist you on what to do.

Q. Do I get a receipt for my gift card when I’ve purchased it?

Yes, a receipt will be sent to the email corresponding to your Scattr account.

Q. Can I get a refund on a gift card I’ve purchased?

Any refunds must be dealt with the merchant who the gift card has been purchased from.

Q. Does Scattr send physical gift cards? 

No. We’re all about e-gift cards! Plus it benefits the environment, too!

Q. My friend doesn’t have an Apple or Android phone, can they still receive a gift card?

Unfortunately not. Scattr is only available to download on iOS and Android.

Q. Can I schedule the gift card? 

Of course. You can schedule your delivery date to be up to 1 month in advance of the date of purchase.

Q. How long will it take for my friend to receive their gift card? 

If you haven’t selected a specific delivery date the gift card will be sent instantly. If the recipient has internet connection they should receive it right away.

Q. How do they receive the gift card?  Do they need to be on Scattr?

No. The recipient does not need to be on Scattr initially. When purchasing a gift card you can select to send via email, or you can send it straight to their Scattr account (if you're friends). 

Q. How are my card details kept secure?

All card details will be stored by Stripe our payment platform, we do not keep any record of this information.

Q. What type of payment does Scattr accept?

Currently we accept all major credit and debit cards. Woo-hoo!

Q. What way will it appear in my bank statement?

In your bank statement you will see the first 10 characters of the business name followed by gift card.

If you’ve any further questions about buying and sending gift cards drop us a message at support@scattr.io